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Why Should I Join?


    This is a very good question and one we'll do our best to answer. While other organizations such as the "National Rifle Association (NRA), The Second Amendment Foundation, (SAF) and others fight in court to protect our gun ownership rights, and have been successful in doing so, we believe theirs is NOT the only method to assure our right to keep and bear arms.

    We believe, if we can form a substantial sized, member based "Well Regulated Militia" as defined in the Second Amendment we can assist "Just By Being" to other groups in their efforts by showing that there is "A Well Regulated Militia" consisting of "Private Citizens" that can be called upon in a National Emergency to restore and maintain order in society.

    Hundreds of Thousands of these "Private Citizens" were trained by the United States Government to defend their country as Solders (Army), Marines (Marine Corps), Sailors (Navy & Coast Guard), Airmen (Air Force), Guardsmen (National Guard). Others, as well as those just mentioned have been life long outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, & target shooters. Include active and retired Federal, State, County, City, Borough Police Officers, Sheriff Deputies, Volunteer Posses, and such, gives us enough Well Trained, Well Organized and Well Disciplined Citizens to form our "Well Regulated Militia".

    The Second Amendment only "Requires" our Militia to be "Well Regulated" for the "Security of a Free State", in order to maintain our "Right to Keep and Bear Arms". We are creating and posting these "Regulations" on our web sites for our members to strive to adhere to.

    That said. We will gladly accept the knowledge, experience, and leadership of those mentioned above, in our goal to create, maintain, and grow "The United Citizens Well Regulated Militia" into an entity the government will have to take into consideration when making laws, rules, and decisions that affect our Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

    Is ours the only Militia of this nature? We certainly hope not, and if there are others out there that we aren't aware of, we would be happy to meet with them, compare notes, and see what we can do to help each other out in our common goals.

    So what's included with my membership should I decide to join? Wow! You folks ask great questions! Remember, the idea to form "The United Citizens Well Regulated Militia" was an idea that popped into our founders (H. Alan Miller) head one day in early June 2015. Since then his ideas have been non stop and about half of them are included in the "Members Pages" Link on this "Entry Portal".

    This "Members Web Site" launched on 9 August 2015, and will take some time to grow and be populated with content. We are diligently working on "Back End" function, layout, design and content. Our goal is to get the above mentioned content up and running by years end (2015) and provide additional content as suggested by our members.

    How are our membership fees being spent? The membership fees of our "Founding Members" are being spent to directly support the function of the "The United Citizens Well Regulated Militia". From web server fees, membership software expenses, trademarks, copyrights, temporary membership cards (while the serialized permanent credit card style, membership cards are being produced), and posting, processing for each, as well as other required expenses.

    What is a "Founding Member"? As we said, the idea of this Militia as well as its creation is an idea that we believe has merit. That said, we know that anyone who decides to join in the first few months is taking a leap of faith along with us. They will also be waiting for content that others who join say 3 years from now won't have to wait for.

    It is only fair on our part to "Lock In" their annual membership fee for as long as they wish to maintain membership. So, if you join prior to 31 December 2016, not only will your annual membership fee be "Locked In" at its current rate for as long as you maintain membership, you will also receive 20% discount on all "The United Citizens Well Regulated Militia" produced items as they become available for purchase for the life of your membership. It's the very least we can do.


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