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    This “United Citizens Well Regulated Militia” or “UCWRM for Short” was conceived by myself: H. Alan Miller as I was driving down the road one day.

    While thinking of all the advances in Open Carry and Concealed Carry laws around the United States, I was thinking it seems that every time we make an advance, some idiot who has no legal right to own a firearm under existing laws goes out on a mass killing, murder, or murder-suicide rampage and brings the gun control (read arms control) debate back to the forefront of media attention, and law maker review.

    Politicians & Lawmakers around the country jump on the band wagon and start talking about taking away our gun and other arms ownership afforded to us by the Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States; many times stating that the Well Regulated Militia described in this amendment is in fact the United States National Guard.

    I'm personally not aware of any other non-violent militias except for say “War Reenactment Groups” which are organized primarily for visual historical education of specific conflicts.

    There are of course the Terrorist & Anti Government Organizations sometimes calling themselves militia's, which of course I want no part of, and hopefully neither do those of you wishing to join the “United Citizens Well Regulated Militia”.

    My goal with this web site is to create our (yes, our – not mine) own “Well Regulated Militia” , thus creating an entity that meets the definition of “Well Regulated Militia” under the Second Amendment.

    So how do we become “Well Regulated”? I figured the best way to do this is to have well written regulations for current and potential membership to reference. Include a suggestion form for adding regulations I may have forgot, revising regulations when necessary, and repealing regulations that no longer fit the goals of the “United Citizens Well Regulated Militia”.

    While the above items will make us “Well Regulated” we don't really have a “Militia” until we have members. We can't have members if we don't have a way for them to identify themselves, or for us to identify our membership numbers.

    While this sounds simple enough to do, the big question on how to do it while respecting peoples privacy, anonymity, locations, what arms they own (if any), political associations, beliefs, and too many more considerations to list here was the problem.

    To that end, when you decide to join (or purchase gift memberships) to the “United Citizens Well Regulated Militia” a membership card will be sent to each person and address you have listed in your subscription.

    For other current or future web site or e-mail options, you will have to “Opt-In” by providing your membership number and e-mail address used when signing up for membership. Please see our privacy policies for full details. Just know, that we will not use any of your personal information for anything unless you “Opt-In” for the specific service.


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